More and more publishers are using admoda to monetise their mobile websites and apps. Why? Our advertisers are predominantly affiliate and performance marketers who are constantly looking for CPC traffic that they can buy in high volumes, from all over the world. The net result is that we have campaigns in over 200 countries, deliver superb eCPMs, and generate high earnings for our Publishers – on a consistent basis.


Do you have some questions about what our mobile advertising solution offers? Check our WHAT WE OFFER FAQ – it is sure to help.


  • Run ads on mobile sites and in Android apps
  • CPC and CPM ads
  • Video sites – run our unique Post-roll ads for mobile videos
  • We have mobile ads for all handsets all over the world, whether Tablet, Smartphone, or Featurephone
  • Cutting edge mobile ad units available for your sites: Post-roll ads, banners, text ads, Click to Call ads, Rectangular ads, Leaderboards, Redirects, and more
  • Top Earning Countries feature which allows you to see which Geos are making the most money each day
  • Highest fill rates and eCPM’s
  • Your log-in is all you need – everything you’ll require to run our ads, view your straightforward statistics and money, is in your interface
  • Automatic payment each month
  • Straightforward integration. Simply sign up and select your development language
  • Industry leading support! A real person will get back to you the same day if possible
  • Unique House Ad tool

What Next?

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