Admoda is a mobile ad network. Bootstrapped all the way, we are extremely proud of what we’ve achieved. Our primary focus is providing traffic to the performance-based and affiliate marketing sector.

The aim of Admoda is to allow advertisers to run highly targeted campaigns on the mobile internet and in apps, and for publishers to monetise their mobile sites and apps with advertising.

So, who are we?

We are a small team of highly motivated and talented individuals who focus on getting things done. Our no nonsense approach to business keeps us focussed on delivering results way beyond the results expected of us.

We run a tight ship and have retained a bottom line traditional business outlook, even though we operate in a high tech modern sector. We wanted to develop an ad network that makes money now, not 5 years from now, for our clients and for us. Being privately funded and highly profitable affords us a level of flexibility and focus which has allowed us to soar ahead of many companies in our sector. Admoda has a core ideology which is focused on delivering products and services which are neat, straight forward, and offer simplicity to clients and end users. We avoid time sapping meetings and chuckle when we hear companies refer to their head-count as a measure of success. We pace our developments and look very carefully at where we spend our time, money, and resources.